Ethical Sourcing

Partners are selected and relationships are formed on the basis that supply chains are free of exploitation, child labour and slavery. This is achieved through respect for Human Rights and Labour Laws, supply partner visits and long-term relationships built through trust. We pay a fair price for our materials and pay suppliers on time


We are open and honest with stakeholders about our products and capabilities. We do not exploit loop holes, have respect for competition, and only work with companies that share these values.


Khush Ingredients in an ISO 9001 certified company that places strong emphasis on product integrity. We provide high-quality and detailed technical information about our products and carry out analytical testing on-site.

Non-Animal Testing

We do not form relationships with suppliers engaged in animal testing. None of our producer partners have been involved in animal testing since Khush Ingredients began in 2008, and since REACH came into force on 1st June 2007. We look to alternative testing methods to ensure our substances are safe.

Responsible Production

We engage in pesticide and heavy metal checks, and organic farming, which promote healthy soils. We buy from regions where the plants naturally grow. We do not use GMO sources, are BSE/TSE free and our goods are vegan

Water Management

Our supply partners do not contaminate waterways. The needs of local communities are respected and rainwater is used in the production of our oils where possible.

Minimising Waste

On-site and throughout our supply chain we are constantly working to identify and reduce waste, and select reusable and recyclable materials. If we can reuse, we do but when we have to dispose, we use licensed waste disposers.

Reducing Emissions

We push for sustainable procurement decisions that reduce our carbon footprint and pollution. In 2021, we established a Sustainability Working Group who are identifying how we can reduce our emissions further.


Nothing is more important than the safety of our employees, suppliers and customers. We believe that everyone in our supply chain should be free from danger, harsh or inhumane treatment and employment should be freely chosen.
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