Product of the Month - April 2023

For our April Product(s) of the Month we would like to introduce the expanding range of Cedarwood Oils Khush Ingredients has to offer!

The Cedarwood is a beautiful tree found in far flung locations worldwide. Cedarwoods are a majestic evergreen conifer, they are well respected in different cultures as a symbol of power and protection, and the stately, gigantic trees are capable of living for up to 2,000 years. We believe in showcasing suppliers who are dedicated to conserving the future of these trees.

Organic Atlas Cedarwood

Cedrus atlantica

Firstly, our Organic Cedarwood Atlas from Morocco provides an Organic alternative to our Himalayan Cedarwood, both hailing from the botanical family Cedrus, their warm, woody scents are comparable!

Himalayan Cedarwood

Cedrus deodara

Texan Cedarwood and Virginian Cedarwood

Juniperus mexicana and Juniperus virginiana

We then journey to the USA, where our Texan and Virginian Cedarwood is grown. From the botanical Juniperus, these two new additions have a smokier scent.

Our Juniperus Essential Oils are produced in a sustainable and conscientious way. The supplier uses all their own Biofuel and only 1% of the total acreage is felled every 15 years, meaning that the trees exponentially regenerate much faster than they are harvested.

We maintain our focus on reducing emissions as we introduce a new sea freight route for the products to arrive in the UK, instead of choosing the easier, but more carbon impactful, air freight.  

Cedarwood is an incredibly versatile product used by Khush Ingredients customers for a spectrum of uses including as a fragrance in perfumery, household cleaning items and for therapeutic values.

If you are attending SIMPPAR and want to experience the different Cedarwoods please come to our stand, we’d love to chat with you about these fantastic new products.

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Contact us for further information and documentation.
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