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Neroli Oil

Neroli Oil is sourced by Khush Ingredients from trusted suppliers in Northern Egypt along the banks of the Nile. This oil derives from the bitter orange tree, from which three products are taken.

  • Neroli oil is produced by steam distilling the orange blossom flower.
  • Despite deriving from the same flower, orange blossom and Neroli Oil are not the same thing.
  • Orange blossom oil is created using volatile solvents rather than steam distillation and the scent is weaker and not as long lasting as Neroli Oil.
  • Bitter orange oil is produced by steam distilling the leaves and fruit peel of the bitter orange tree.

Image:  Neroli flower from our suppliers.

In Egypt, much of the process prior to the distillation of Neroli Oil is completed by hand.

  • The farmers water each individual tree manually as well as picking the flowers, leaves and fruit by hand.
  • The absence of technology and machinery during the picking process encourage a specific and personal method as all flowers are examined before being picked, with only the biggest being used for Neroli Oil.
  • During a secondary filtration process, two farmers use a large handheld sieve to ensure the leaves are separated from the flowers.
  • This precision guarantees that the oil for your product, is of high quality.

Image: Bitter orange tree from our suppliers.

The supply chain at Khush Ingredients is incredibly conscious of waste management and work tirelessly to identify and reduce waste. Therefore, it is paramount we work closely with suppliers who share the same values on sustainability and minimising waste.

  • The farmers in Egypt utilise most of the bitter orange tree, obtaining 3kg of Neroli Oil from one acre of trees.
  • Taking three products from each tree enables farmers to optimise stock and sales from biomass that would otherwise be discarded, ensuring there is little waste.

Due to increased desire three years ago, the price of Neroli Oil rose to approximately US$3-4 thousand, however the price has since decreased to around US$600 due to excess stock.

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