Product of the Month - September 2022

END OF THE SUMMER, NOW TIME TO GO WINTERGREEN; the latest essential oil arrival at Khush Ingredients: Natural Wintergreen Oil.

After several years of difficulty to source natural Wintergreen Oil, Khush Ingredients have now secured Chinese grown wintergreen oil into its growing portfolio of essential oils, available in the UK and across Europe.

From the botanical gaultheria procumbens, the essential oil is greater than 98% methyl salicylate. The key for buyers of wintergreen oil, is how can you tell the oil is genuine for your natural cosmetics and potions rather than a low-priced chemical substitute?

You can trust Khush Ingredients to provide the wintergreen oil after being tested for naturalness with a C14 test.

Image: China Wintergreen from our suppliers.

For those unfamiliar with C14 testing, it is the true (very expensive) technique for knowing whether a product has come from biomass of plants or a chemical plant.  As plants photosynthesise a small amount of natural isotope of carbon called carbon 14 is taken on-board by the plant and converted into biomass.

Image: China Wintergreen harvest from our suppliers.

When a plant is harvested, the biomass contains this C14 and this level cannot increase.  Over time the C14 reduces in the biomass as it is converted into the more stable and abundant isotope C12.   The main raw material for chemical plants come from fossil fuels, which have been produced over millions of years and have 100% C12 in their hydrocarbon structure.

Image: China Wintergreen from our suppliers.

As such a C14 test must find sufficient quantity of C14 in the oil to prove it is natural.  If it doesn’t, it is a pure synthetic made from a chemical plant, and will have traces of synthetic components those who want natural components despise.

The power of methyl salicylate as an analgesic has been known for several centuries, with most familiar of the deep heating rubs to ease muscular pains.  Most don’t realise that this is a close relation to aspirin (acetyl salicylic acid) and its properties are medically confirmed, and usage has to be restricted (typically less than 0.3% on topical applications) due to its power and the potential to overdose.

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Sample the stunning, natural, wintergreen oil from Khush Ingredients.


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