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Australian Organic Sandalwood Oil

We are happy to introduce a new sustainable product at Khush Ingredients to our growing portfolio of organic essentials oils

Santalum spicatum - Australian Organic Sandalwood Oil

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There are over 15 species of sandalwood belonging to the genus Santalum, but two are predominantly used in the essential oil industry. The Indian Santalum album and the Australian Santalum spicatum. The two fragrances vary slightly with Santalum spicatum an earthy, sweet and slightly spicy and Santalum album a warm, woody aroma with balsamic notes.

Image: Sandalwood trees

Our new product is the Organic Sandalwood (Santalum spicatum) from Western Australia. Australian sandalwood is a slow-growing hemiparasitic, long-living tree that occurs naturally in the southern two thirds of Australia. In the past, overharvesting, drought, and the decline of marsupials have had a detrimental impact on the populations of Australian sandalwood. Now, the commercial harvesting and regeneration of wild Australian sandalwood is managed by The Forest Products Commission (FPC). Where the harvest consists of 50% living trees and 50% dead sandalwood trees. They also aim to establish a new generation of young trees in their natural environment including areas currently undergoing harvesting and areas where sandalwood populations are depleted.

Image: Sandalwood

The sandalwood trees are grown without the use of pesticides or synthetic fertilisers and are grown with only natural and sustainable methods. The trees are harvested when they are 25 years old as a minimum as this allows sufficient time for the essential oils within the heartwood of the tree to increase in potency. The heartwood of the sandalwood refers to the innermost part of the tree that contains high levels of essential oils produced as a defence mechanism against insects and fungi.  When they reach a mature age, the Western Australian trees are then debarked, and the wood chips are transported to a facility where they then undergo steam distillation that produces the essential oil. 

Image: Production of Sandalwood Oil

Sandalwood oil is popular scent for perfumes due to its unique warm, woody and slightly sweet aroma. The scent is long-lasting and is used as a base note because of its strength and ability to blend with other scents, providing a solid foundation for other scents to be added as well as stabilising the lifespan of the scent due to its natural fixative properties. Indigenous people for centuries use sandalwood oil for a range or aromatherapy uses. Today sandalwood oil continues to be used in aromatherapy in message oils and candles.

The main component of Santalum spicatum is santalols, a class of sesquiterpene alcohols, responsible for the characteristic aroma. The two main chemical components are a-santalols and b-santalols also associated with the therapeutic benefits of sandalwood with a-santalols found to have anti-inflammatory and b- santalols been shown to be anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial.

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