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Organic Fine Lavender Oil

Unlocking the Oil:

Organic Fine Lavender Oil also known as Lavandula Angustifolia is extracted from the Lavender plant through the process of steam distillation. This meticulous process causes the essential oil glands within the flowers to burst, releasing the oil and the aromatic compounds. The layers of fresh, floral, and notes intertwine, setting the Fine Lavender apart from other Lavenders. The producer’s commitment to organic principles during the entire process guarantees every drop of Organic Fine Lavender Oil is pure, natural and of high quality. 

Image: Lavender from our suppliers.

The Provence: A Lavender Haven

The oil is sourced by Khush Ingredients from trusted suppliers in the Provence region of Southeast France. The Mediterranean climate is characterised by warm, dry summers and mild, wet winters which serves as the perfect conditions for the Fine Lavender plants. The long, sunny days during the growing season provide the plants with the necessary energy for successful photosynthesis. The long-lasting sunshine helps the plants produce vibrant, fragrant flowers and concentrated essential oil. Furthermore, the high altitude of the Provence provides cool nights which retain the aromatics and create a more refined aroma. This is because the elevation produces a higher ester content and consumers appreciate this natural high-quality scent.

Image: Lavender from our suppliers.

Caterpillar Infestation:

 The producers have encountered a significant decrease in yield this harvest, surpassing 50%, due to Owl Butterfly caterpillars. They were transported to France by The Sirocco, a hot, powerful wind from North Africa. 

Whilst the caterpillars have affected lavender crops previously, the volumes of caterpillars this year were extremely high and uncontrollable for the farmers.

The lower yields mean limited supply available from the newest harvest, yet the demand remains strong within the market. As our producer faces the challenges of combatting the infestation, additional resources and environmentally friendly measures are required to control and prevent further damage. This has had an affect on the price which has increased by 23%, due to the efforts made by farmers in controlling the infestation and the subsequent reduction in supply. 

As stock is limited for Organic Fine Lavender Oil, Khush Ingredients recommends to secure stock of this premium product before supply becomes even more scarce and prices escalate further. Act now to ensure you have a steady supply of Organic Fine Lavender Oil as demand continues to rise.

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