Product of the Month - October 2023

West Indies Bay Leaf Oil

Connecting to our new producer led to a real inspiration, driving the introduction of this new product. Their belief in this oil is that it can change the landscape of their community.

Dominica as a country has suffered numerous natural disasters – frequent tropical storms and hurricanes – and the essential oil industry is imperative to diversifying and finding new markets. The Bay Tree is a sturdy, climate resistant evergreen of the myrtle family. Despite the damage of the most recent hurricane in 2018, the trees were ready to be harvested in 6 months. As a tree that organically exists on the island in abundance, it does not require herbicides/fertiliser or pesticides. The only water needed is the rainfall.

West Indies Bay Leaf oil possesses a sophisticated spicy scent. It is often described as warm and woodsy and is typically used as a top note by perfumers.

Hope for the future:

  • The Co-operative was set up to support small farmers to produce the oil and help them to sell and market internationally.
  • Women are heavily involved as the leaf collectors. The small holdings involved in the overall Co-operative are between 3-4 acres per family.
  • Local people can remain in rural communities while making a sustainable income, reducing urban migration out of the area.
  • The spent biomass is used as compost for growing local crops such as avocados.
  • Minimal risk to the environment and conscious producers.
  • As a consumer you can be confident in a sustainable product that has a positive effect on the local economy on a wider scale. They pay their growers well, allowing them to sustain their families and in turn supporting the overall success of Dominica.

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Sample the stunning, natural West Indies Bay Leaf Essential Oil from Khush Ingredients.


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Sample the stunning, West Indies Bay Leaf from Khush Ingredients.



Contact us for further information and documentation.
Tel: +44 (0) 1993 882883

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