We are pleased to announce this collaboration with our Brazilian producer to stock this new product in both the UK & Europe!

Pink peppercorn, native to the Atlantic Forest biomes and sourced from Brazil, is known for its adaptability to various habitats, including dry environments, and its high resistance to drought stress. This plant is therefore utilised for reforesting degraded forest areas, promoting the return of pollinators and seed dispersers to enhance local biodiversity.

Fruiting typically occurs between April and July, with harvests conducted naturally by hand without the use of chemicals. The quality of the oil is closely linked to the fruit maturity, with ripe, bright red fruits offering the distinct spicy, fruity aromatic profile. To ensure the regeneration of the pink pepper plants, farmers prune the trees post-harvest to stimulate new branch growth for the next crop of fruit.


Initially gaining prominence in high perfumery in the 1990s, pink peppercorn has become a sought-after ingredient within renowned perfumers’ palettes. An increase in small farmers are turning to pink peppercorn cultivation as a secure investment, with applications in fragrance, cosmetics, and gastronomy, increasing market safety and diversity. 


Following the 2015 contamination of the Doce River with mercury, lead and arsenic due to the mining tailings dam collapse in Mariana, planting pink pepper trees emerged as a new income source for fishermen impacted by the environmental catastrophe.

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