Organic, Light, Dark & Molecular Distilled 

Why Buy Patchouli?

Patchouli is becoming ever more popular in perfumery, with demand of the oil increasing every year. Our wellness industry customers enjoy the traditional Patchouli Dark that is rich in iron. This is the Patchouli product that is extracted through steam distillation using cast iron stills in field units that sit upon Indonesian hilltops. However, perfumery customers appear to want as little iron as possible, instead electing for the stainless steel produced Patchouli Light or even the Molecular Distilled Patchouli Light. This product is ideal if you want all of the aroma but none of the Patchouli colour.

Patchouli oil is also one of few essential oils whose aroma can improve when sympathetically aged, even after 25+ years, provided the oil is stored away from excess heat, moisture and oxidation.

Image: Field Distillation Unit used by our Sri Lankan supplier partners

The Problem with Patchouli

Patchouli is predominantly grown in Asia, with approximately 80% of the global production of Patchouli coming from Indonesia. As Indonesia is a ‘ring of fire’ region which is prone to volcanic activity, earthquakes and other natural disasters. This, coupled with the fact that Patchouli requires very specific nutrients and not too much water to grow, leads to volatility in pricing.

Traditionally, the islands of Java and Sumatra have been the main producers of Patchouli, producing a consistent oil of high quality. More recently however, the island of Sulawesi has been a major source of Patchouli. Sumatran and Javanese crops are grown at altitude, whereas Sulawesi crop is generally grown on flatter terrain. The flatter terrain will have higher acidity levels in the soil resulting in much higher acid levels in the essential oil. End users will have seen that prices have risen sharply over the last year due to issues with the Sulawesi supply.

Image: Dried Patchouli being prepared for steam distillation by our Indonesian supplier partners

Our Patchouli Oil

Indonesia has not embraced organic production in the same way as the Indian sub-continent. So, Khush Ingredients sources Organic Patchouli Oil from India and Sri Lanka. At present, supply of Indian material has ended until the next harvest which should be in June. Therefore, having an additional approved source from the region does allow us to maintain supply to our customers. Again, prices are under pressure until 2022 due to persistent rains in India that are damaging current crops. So, whilst some material will be available from this summer, it will take until 2022 for the crop to fully return.

Image: Water Recycling System used by our Sri Lankan supplier partners

One thing that our customers can be assured of is that Khush Ingredients fully comply with UK REACH (UK-01-9441836313-4-0001) and EU REACH (01-2119967775-18-0032), so you don’t have to register as a DUIN. Khush Ingredients Ltd are also a fully operational organic exporter to the EU on TRACES NT.

Samples of our full range of Patchouli Oil including Patchouli Light, Dark and Molecular Distilled, as well as many other fragrances are available to try. Simply email if you are interested in trying our products.

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