“This was the second time visiting NOREX as part of our supply partner visit programme, accompanied by our customer LUSH Cosmetics. This visit was to explore the growing capabilities of NOREX and get a deeper understanding of the ethical issues around agriculture in developing regions.

Having Olivia from LUSH with us perfectly illustrated the transparency achievable in our supply chain with end-user, importer and producer sharing together what matters in a sustainable process.

NOREX continue to impress us with their can-do attitude, development of capabilities and willingness to address important ethical issues. We were particularly impressed with their social and farmer welfare programs. There were a few emotional moments when visiting the Mentha arvensis nursery area. This area was being hand weeded by a group of delightful young women who gathered around us curiously.

We shared a photo whilst I practised my terribly inadequate Hindi. Later Vaibhav (NOREX) explained how low their wages were.

NOREX in particular supports low income single mothers, offering scholarships for their children to Blue Birds International School. 

Despite the low wages, we have seen rural wages in India grow over the last years and it is certainly not the lowest in Asia. Our role is to work with ethical producers like NOREX, who pay above average local wages, and for us not to push the price too hard so we can support the growth in wages in a sustainable way.

We now have fresh stocks of ethically sourced NOREX menthol crystals, BP/EP grade available from our UK stocks”. 

Pramod Gujral – Director, Khush Ingredients

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