We are thrilled to announce that the dedicated efforts of our supplier and team have resulted in a new addition to our product line, from Sri Lanka.

New Product Alert

The Blue Lotus, also known as the water lily, is the national flower of Sri Lanka and originates from Putlam and Anuradhapura. Highly regarded in Sri Lankan aquaculture, this flower is a valuable commodity with unique properties. The Blue Lotus produces an extract that possesses a rich, floral scent with vanilla-like undertones.  Our long-term supply partner is the sole producer of Blue Lotus Absolute and is responsible for its global distribution.

Corporate Social Responsibility

The manufacturing of this product serves as a CSR initiative for our producer, contributing to the local village economy by providing employment to approximately 400 individuals, both men and women, throughout the production process. As the flower grows mainly in water, the locals take small boats to collect the flowers and deliver them to the distillation facility.

Quality Control

The picking process is completed by hand to prevent the flowers being damaged by machinery. The flowers are then manually separated, ensuring only the best are taken to be distilled. To preserve the freshness and quality, the flowers must be delivered and processed within 24 hours of picking. As this absolute is utilised within the fragrance industry, for its rare and distinctive scent, this vigilant process ensures a quality extract eligible for an ingredient in perfumery.

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