Organic Cassia Oil – Product Of The Month February 2024


We are thrilled to announce that the dedicated efforts of our supplier and team have resulted in the acquisition of a sustainable supply of Organic Cassia Oil from Vietnam.

New Product

95% of this pure and natural oil is sourced from the picturesque, mountainous North-West region of Vietnam. The remaining 5% derives from a smaller area along the south-central coast.

Cassia, a tropical tree species that thrives in humid conditions with abundant rainfall. This makes Vietnam the perfect climate for cultivating Cassia.

The production of organic cassia oil provides a sustainable livelihood for many in the rural provinces of Vietnam. Over the years, this industry has generated employment opportunities for the local communities, promoting socio-economic growth.

Overcoming Obstacles...

One of the challenges associated with Cassia cultivation is that the trees are often grown in areas with the presence of high residual pesticides from nearby farms. However, our suppliers have implemented extensive measures to ensure that the Organic Cassia Oil we offer adheres to our strict organic pesticide specification.

By prioritising sustainability and quality, we are proud to offer you a pure and natural Organic Cassia Oil. This ensures that the oil can serve as a natural flavouring substance.

Order a sample of our warm & spicy Organic Cassia Oil today!

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