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Calabria's Crop Crisis

Last summer, Italy faced extreme weather conditions that posed challenges to the agricultural industry. The record-high temperatures led to droughts, impacting the growth of bergamot trees in Calabria. The intense sun exposure caused the bergamots’ skin to scorch, dehydrating the fruit and decreasing the oil yield.

Fortunately, the recent rainfall and the replacement of the dead plants has contributed to the successful recovery of the bergamot trees.

An analysis of the Bergamot Oil revealed notable changes in its chemical composition. There was an increase of the terpenic fraction, while aromatic compounds such as Linalool and Linalyl Acetate showed a decrement. These components have since stabilised to typical levels in the recent harvest.

Due to the challenges faced in production, the price of Bergamot Oil has increased slightly as a consequence of the lower yield from the 2024 harvest.  

The current global uncertainty poses challenges for producers as they navigate the industry’s shifting demands and supply issues.

The 2024 harvest material will be available in April.
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