Floral Waters and Hydrolats

Product Of The Month - November 2023

Khush Ingredients are proud to announce that we have successfully expanded our capabilities to include the sourcing of high quality hydrolats and the production of premium floral waters.

Floral Water

Often referred to as a Hydrosol, is meticulously crafted by combining essential oils, water, and an emulsifier. Floral waters are notorious for deviating from specifications as they are susceptible to the growth of mould and bacteria colonies in warm and exposed environments.


The pure and natural water obtained through the process of steam distillation from biomass, the typical method of producing essential oils.

This can be organically certified and is sourced from the producing region to ensure its authenticity and quality.

What we offer you…

Our dedicated Technical Team have implemented enhanced engineering techniques for our floral water production. This advancement enables us to provide cost-effective waters in a wide range of volumes, catering in both small and large-scale requirements.

The largest volume of Hydrolat we currently supply is Rose Floral Water, which is available in both conventional and organic variants. Additionally, we commercialise:

Lavender Water, Eucalyptus Globulus Water, Peppermint Water, Roman Chamomile Water, Rosemary Water and Sage Water but others are available such as Sandalwood.

If you prioritize longevity, we can offer an additional measure to ensure quality and preservation. We incorporate a combination of either potassium sorbet, citric acid or sodium benzoate as per specific requirements. However, it is important to note the addition of these preservatives will negate the organic nature of the product (if Organic certified).

We are thrilled to introduce Hydrosols produced with any essential oil. Manufactured at our UK premises by combining essential oils with water along with an emulsifier and optional preservatives.

The Process…

This involves heating the ingredients in the mixer vessel (24L or 200L). In a pasteurisation-like process, the heating creates a saturated solution of essential oil in water and helps eliminate most microbes. It’s important to heat the solution gently to preserve the volatile components of the oil. The solution goes through a double filtration system, first micron filter to remove dead microbe particles. Then a UV filter to ensure the longevity. The Floral Water is then transferred into new containers, which are steam cleaned to prevent the development of bacteria. This system allows for the filling and sealing of various sizes of containers including 1kg, 5kg, 10kg Aluminium and 20kg HDPE drums.

We prioritise the safety and quality of all decanted waters at our facilities. Both the source product and the decanted product undergo microbe testing to ensure they meet the required specifications. Each drum or batch of water is tested using dip slides, which are incubated for 2-3 days and then analysed. This analysis helps us ensure that the presence of bacteria or microbes in the water are safe for cosmetic use. 

Research within the Industry shows that it is near impossible to remove 100% of microbes from water. However, through our preventative measures, we strive to eliminate the conditions that allow microbes to thrive.  

In 2024 we will be showcasing our range of waters as bespoke room sprays during customer visits and at exhibitions.

If you’re interested in a specific floral water, get in touch with our team today!

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