Natural CBD Oil (from Hemp)

INCI: Cannabis sativa

Hemp Essential Oil; Cannabidiol, ext.

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CAS No. 89958-21-4

EC No. 289-644-3


Natural CBD is used as a supplement, reportedly treating of a wide range of ailments. The difference between Hemp and Cannabis is that Hemp is grown from cultivars which do not normally have psycho-active components. The oil is provided at the maximum cannabidiol (CBD) level permissible by EU law. Higher levels would result in occurrence of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) and CBN (Cannabinol). Material we supply has been independently analysed to show THC / CBN content as below 0.05%, the legal limit.


Provided in 500g, 1kg and 5kg aluminium bottles. Comply with UN Packing Group III.


Hemp Oil is produced in France, with main harvesting and production are highlighted in green:

Shelf Life:

Shelf life is 36 months from first analytical date for unopened containers. Once opened, oil should be managed carefully with 12 month shelf life (within three years of production).

Sample Requests:

All of our oils are available as samples, enabling you to see for yourself how they vary and what suits your use best. For sample requests, please email us at:

We regret that we can only sample bona-fide companies. If you are a smaller entity, then you are welcome to visit our Oxfordshire laboratory to see the oils first hand. For any further questions please do call us on: (+44) 1993 882883.

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