Eucalyptus Citriodora

Eucalyptus Maculata Citriodora, Hook, Myrtaceae

INCI Name: Eucalyptus Citriodora Leaf oil

REACH Name: Eucalyptus Citriodora, ext.

REACH registration number: 01-21207410846-50-XXXX (part of the SIEF initiated by the European Federation of Essential Oils EFEO)

Also known as: Lemon Eucalyptus, Lemon-scented gum

Disclaimer: The information provided by Khush Ingredients is a summary of information from producers. All information is provided without warrant or liability.


CAS No. 85203-56-1

EINECS No. 286-249-8 


Eucalyptus citriodora is a large, attractive evergreen tree, growing to 40 to 60 feet tall with open, drooping foliage. The leaves give a strongly lemon scent when crushed. Eucalyptus comes from the Greek words ‘eu’ (well) and ‘calyptos’ (covered).

The trees reach maturity after 3-5 years and are then suitable for oil production. citriodora grows naturally on rolling undulating plateaux, including dry ridges, in open forest and woodland, generally on poor soils. The species can survive a severe dry season. In its natural range, the species is restricted to the central and northern coast of Queensland, Australia but it has been extensively planted in Brazil and India, with significant plantations in China and Africa.

Khush Ingredients sources it’s material from India, providing (what we feel is) a more pleasant oil for aromatherapy and personal care uses than the cruder Brazilian mass-produced oils. The oils from China represent a higher perfumery grade again but at a higher cost.

The best time for harvesting the leaves for oil production is when the temperature is high, so up to 2% yields can be achieved from June to September dropping to half this during winter months. The most sought after constituent of E.Citriodora is Citronellal. The citronellal content drops during rainy season so the farmers must pick narrow windows of higher heat and low rainfall to harvest to get the best oil output in quality and yield.

Khush Ingredients commissions production and import directly from India. A route that takes about 8 weeks from order to arrive in our warehouse.

Shipments are confirmed after careful batch selection and pre-shipment samples are approved by us. All our oils comply with REACH regulations for which both Khush Ltd UK and Khush BV in Netherlands are fully registered. 


Packaged in 25kg or 180kg HDPE drums. Containers comply with packaging group III.


This ingredient is produced for Khush Ingredients in India / China. These are the main harvest times (bold).

Shelf Life:

Whilst we try and deliver Eucalyptus Citriodora oil within 12 months of production, the shelf life is now stated as three years. Storage away from heat, air and moisture prevent the product from degradation.

The best options for maximising shelf life is either to:

  1. Use a nitrogen purge capability
  2. Do not leave a container part full

We suggest a reference sample is taken of the fresh material when first delivered. This should be retained in optimum conditions. The balance of the container can then be compared, at points in the future, to the reference sample for signs of degradation of odour or colour change. If there is not significant difference in colour and odour then the material is okay to use.  We suggest re-check every 12 months.

Sample Requests:

All of our oils are available as samples, enabling you to see for yourself how they vary and what suits your use best. For sample requests, please email us at:

We regret that we can only sample bona-fide companies. If you are a smaller entity, then you are welcome to visit our Oxfordshire laboratory to see the oils first hand. For any further questions please do call us on: (+44) 1993 882883.

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