Sourced from Spain, our organic Rosemary Oil is the volatile oil obtained by the steam distillation of the fresh leaves, stems and flowering parts of the plant Rosemarinus officinalis (L.).  

The oil is clear in appearance and has a very characteristic and distinguished odour. If you grow Rosemary in your garden, our producers’ oil smells exactly as your garden rosemary, distinctive and beautiful. The main chemical components of the oil are cineole, camphor, borneol and pinenes. The higher levels of cineole found in this type of Rosemary oil gives it a cooling and herbaceous aroma, one that is popularly used to support healthy lungs, circulation and cleansing. 

Depending on weather, rosemary is harvested between April and June each year. The oil is quite stable when stored correctly, lasting 4+ years easily, in fact maturing a little with age. We like last seasons material best. You can tell the oil is genuine as it smells of the herb rosemary, clearly distinguishable from other high cineole oils such as eucalyptus globulus.

Did you know?

Rosemary cineole is described as ‘invigorating’ and ‘purifying’, used to support focus, mental clarity, and memory as well as hair and liver health.


Fully REACH registered by producer:

Registration Number: 01-2120086955-39-XXXX

Khush Ingredients is certified by the Soil Association and all organic materials are imported with full certificate of inspection, authorised by the UK Port Health Authority. Each oil is also supplied with a certificate of analysis and safety data sheet.

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We regret that we can only sample bona-fide companies. If you are a smaller entity, then you are welcome to visit our Oxfordshire laboratory to see the oils first hand.

For any further questions please do call us on: (+44) 1993 882883

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Rosemary Oil (Organic)


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