INCI: Lavandula angustifolia, Lavandula latifolia, Lavandula hybrida

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High Altitude Lavender: The Himalayas

We have recently starting sourcing high altitude lavender from the Himalayas. This is a special product supplied by a long-term partner of ours and is very popular in Ayurveda. Our lavender grows at an altitude of up to 4,000 – 5,000 ft in the foothills of the Himalayas. The intensity of the odour is due to the higher ester components of the acetates and is a must to experience for lavender enthusiasts. There is not much available at present and normally has to be booked in advance of July harvest.

Lavandin: France

We source our French Lavender from Provence naturellement, from a co-operative that provide very high-quality oil. Normally produced, stored (in stainless steel Vats) and aired for six to twelve months before shipping to customers, this high volume (high priced) true lavender is best for consistency, having green notes reduced through maturing process. Reassuringly expensive!

Spike Lavender: Spain

Lavandula latifolia (Spike) yields around 3x more oil than lavandula angustifolia. It is a completely different odour profile due to its dominant camphor odour. Because of this, spike is not often used for stress relief but to ease aches and pains; it has strong analgesic and expectorant properties, is more energising and promotes concentration and focus. We source our Spike from a third-generation family grower/distiller Spain.

Lavandula x super: Spain

This is a hybrid of lavandula angustifolia (English Lavender) and Lavandula latifolia (Spike Lavender) and has a distinct camphor scent. It is also the most traded type, since it makes up most of the world production. In other words, it is commercially grown due to its high yield of oil as a lower cost source of lavender fragrance. We source conventional from France and organic from Spain. We offer two grades, with ‘grosso’ being higher in camphor (12-15%) and ‘super’ being lower (5 to 10%). Super is a little more expensive as it has a higher percentage of Lavandula angustifolia in the cross, so yield is correspondingly lower.

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