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Menthol has been used in traditional medicine in Asia for centuries but has only been widespread in the West for the last couple of centuries. Menthol crystals are used for personal care, flavours, fragrances and aromatherapy.


This ingredient is produced for Khush Ingredients in India. Menthol is produced throughout the year, with Mentha Arvensis harvesting time shown below.


This is a natural product obtained by extraction and recrystallization of the oil of Mentha Arvensis. To comply with Pharmacopeia specification, the material offered is 99.5% pure levomenthol.

Appearance:                    White crystalline solid

Odour:                              Characteristic fresh and minty

Optical Rotation:              @20C / -41 to 51F

Melting Point:                   41C to 43C

Residue on Evaporation: <0.05%


CAS No. 89-78-1 / 2216-51-5 
EC No. 201-939-0 / 218-690-9
GC Profile (typical):
L-Menthol:                       >99.5%
Impurities:                       each < 0.3% 


Packaged into 25kg food-grade plastic lined fibre kegs.


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