Anshul Speciality Molecules Pvt Ltd (ASMPL) and Khush Ingredients Ltd Partnership

Khush Ingredients Ltd was launched to provide a transparent platform for our supply partners to promote and develop products to our customers using our marketing and technical expertise. A key requirement for us when confirming any partnership is guided by our ethical policy. We should respect each other and value the skills of our partners, yet work together and strive to improve. Together we critically assess the manufacturing and supply routes using ‘best practise and best available techniques’. This is true for the chemicals we promote as well as the essential oils.

We are proud to be associated with Anshul Speciality Molecules (pvt) Ltd, where our relationship started from the earliest days after formation of Khush Ingredients Ltd. Over the last 10 years, we have seen major investment by Anshul in environmental controls in their world class effluent treatment facilities which stand out in the aroma chemical sector. The company has now attained ‘Responsible Care’ certification for many years, whilst growing each of the manufacturing plants, both for flavour and fragrance chemical production and for the range of cooling compounds.

We have been terrifically supported in this endeavour by our major customers, who value this responsible and sustainable approach to both chemical manufacturing and being a good citizen and taking care of the local community where production is carried out. The lowest cost producer is not always the best partner for the medium and long term and Anshul has proven their value to our industry.

Sustainability Initiatives at ASMPL

Economic | Social | Environmental

Energy Conservation 

Anshul has made exceptional environmental development efforts towards energy conservation. What makes our supplier stand out from others in particular is their Effluent Treatment Plant. This water recovery system treats water waste using a combination of reverse osmosis and evaporation to attain zero liquid discharge. A process which Anshul continues to invest and improve. 

Other investments include:

  • Rainwater Harvesting Scheme implemented in 2016 – recycling 4651 cubic meters of rainwater in 2019.
  • A Solar Energy System producing 160 kw/hr. Anshul plans to invest in excess of $100,000 in Solar Panels over the coming years.
  • Use of energy efficient lights
  • Use of energy efficient equipment

 Image source: ASMPL

Corporate Social Responsibility

We have been particularly impressed with their CSR activities within the local community. The company has been implementing sustainable economic, social and environmental development initiatives to the surrounding rural communities, with a range of beneficiaries, from local police and fire staff to college and school students. Anshul includes their local community in a variety of ways, providing a detailed understanding on their work and safety precautions, such as possible risks, preventative measures and action in case of an emergency. Any community concerns are addressed, and the police department and fire brigade are educated on company procedures.

Being environmentally conscious within this industry is key to sustainable development. Anshul demonstrates their investment in this through renewable energy schemes and conservation initiatives. Furthermore, Anshul take socio-economic development and healthcare very seriously; with a number of community-based projects in place.

Some key projects to highlight include:

Support to School Infrastructure

Anshul has installed a bore well and pump to aid remote, local schools suffering from water shortages. This has now provided 300 students and 12 teachers with access to a safe drinking water system.

School desks and extra seating have been donated to small rural schools with stretched seating arrangements to allow for more students to have access to formal education. Safer and more durable roofing has also been provided to local village schools to withstand heavy periods of rain. These schools would otherwise be forced to shut during rainy seasons due to flooding.

Image source: ASMPL

Rainwater conservation

The company as also dug and expanded a natural Culvert of around 1200 metres to store thousands of litres of water for several acres of land irrigation. This has benefited 3 nearby villages.

Investments in Local Healthcare

Free cataract operations are provided to nearby villages through the provision of an organised cataract camp. Around 200 people have already benefited from this service who would otherwise face great difficulty getting the treatment that they need. Gym equipment has been provided, by Anshul, to the local police department to assist in cadet training.

Donations of cement piping have given huge developments to surrounding sewage systems and allowed for clean and safe disposal of waste; minimising potential risk of contamination of local drinking water and also helping to prevent the spread of waterborne diseases.

Practical Education and Motivation

Anshul invites young students from nearby villages to their production plant to learn about pollution and the ways in which the company controls these measures. This is valuable industry insight and creates awareness of the importance of environmental sustainability. Anshul also provide guided tours for college students to attain practical knowledge of how the chemical industry works and gain insight on the importance of ethical practice in business.

A local school has had donations of computers to support students and teachers in their learning. Prior to this, the students did not know how to use a computer. The provision of digital education is incredibly important toward expanding their capacity to learn through access to online educational activities.

Image source: ASMPL

Employee Training and Safeguarding at ASMPL

Further to community-based CSR, Anshul invests a lot of time developing and training their employees. This includes occupational health advice through fitness and behavioural tips, time management training, and sexual harassment policy training.

Anshul provides training initiatives for all employees including induction training for all new employees and further on job training where necessary. Annual medical checks are given to all employees to ensure employee wellbeing as well as prevent product contamination. There is also a vaccination program provided for all employees for diseases such as tetanus, typhoid and hepatitis.

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