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Who doesn’t like the smell of fresh citrus fruit? Bergamot oil is one of our favourites at Khush, so we love this time of year when crops are ready to be harvested and production of Bergamot essential oil can begin.

Our source

Our oil is produced by a third-generation producer, Diego Visalli, where both conventional and organic Bergamot is grown and produced in their own and neighbouring orchards.  Located in the stunning region of Calabria, Italy, this area is known to produce almost all the Bergamot in the world.

There are an estimated 1,200 – 1,300 hectares (ha) of bergamot under cultivation, with an average fruit production per ha of 15 – 20 tonnes (t). The average quantity of bergamot oil produced is 80- 100 kg/ha. with a crop average of 100 tons of essential oil per year.


“When the fruit is harvested, the pumpkins grown beneath the Bergamot trees

are used to make soup and provided to all workers”


We 100% trust our source, who have perfected their processes over the years, supplying us only top quality products.


Commonly used in flavouring and topical applications of perfume.  

Did you know…?

On top of its popularity in fragrances, Bergamot is also an unsuspected key ingredient in one of our favourite cuppas: Earl Grey Tea. Its commonly recognised perfumed and ‘flowery’ aroma is in fact flavoured by the Bergamot peel. 


Medicinal qualities

Bergamot also contains properties popular for medicinal purposes, alleviating depression, sadness and grief, stimulating hormones such as dopamine and serotonin. It can therefore be used to induce feelings of relaxation, washing away anxiety and stress. Antioxidants in Bergamot also help fight infection and keep the immune system healthy.

Production – Cold Pressed Processing

Bergamot oil is extracted using a Pelatrice Speciale machine, allowing for almost total extraction of essential oil.

The fruits are rasped in a several metres long chambers that have from two to six pairs of rollers covered with stainless steel, hard-wearing abrasive spikes. The two pairs of rollers are arranged in a trapezoidal section and in each of them the rollers turn towards the outside. The fruits move forward along the Speciale chamber by means of an Archimedes’ screw covered with spikes.

The fruit is automatically supplied to the working chambers (formed by the abrasive rollers and by the walls of the Archimedes’ screw) by means of a box placed at the bottom of the hopper. In the chamber, water is sprayed in a closed cycle coming out from jets which are placed along the axis of the machine. The speed of the rollers and the screw can be adjusted so as to control the time fruits will stay in the machine. The aqueous emulsion is separated by two centrifugal separators. The first separator (finisher), fitted with an automatic drain, removes the solid residues and the emulsion increases its content of the oil up to 90%. The second separator (clarifier) provides the pure essential oil.

Sample request

For sample requests, please email us at:

We regret that we can only sample bona-fide companies. If you are a smaller entity, then you are welcome to visit our Oxfordshire laboratory to see the oils first hand.

For any further questions please do call us on: (+44) 1993 882883

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Bergamot Essential Oil

Organic Bergamot Essential Oil

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