Special Citrus Oils from all over the world

Image: Lemons grown by our Italian supplier partners

Citrus oils are not all the same. Just by smelling the aroma of Khush Ingredients range of Conventional and Organic Citrus Oils can you see that what we are stocking is reassuringly the right product. These Citrus products are grown in the warmer regions of the world, like the Mediterranean and central America, so are always our favourite orchards to visit.

The best Citrus Oil is cold pressed from the rind, but these can contain phototoxic properties so are used with caution in cosmetics. Furocoumarin reduced (FCR) Citrus Oils are available by steam distillation production.

Image: Oranges grown by our Italian supplier partners

Our Organic and Conventional Bergamot Oils come from our partner in Calabria, Italy… where else? With three generations of expertise and love in every kilo, we offer premium, mid altitude Organic Bergamot Oil, ideal for tea production. We also offer late season material which is cost effective for aromatherapy and Distilled Bergamot Oil for cosmetics use. The season runs from December to March and if you have not secured material for the rest of 2021, now is the time to do so.

From the Americas we import Organic Orange Oil from Mexico, Organic Pink Grapefruit Oil and Organic Clementine Oil, both from Florida. Mexican Lime Oil is new to our stock, complimenting the distilled Organic Lime Oil from Sri Lanka.

Organic Mandarins are just not available enough to make it cost effective to produce oils from, so the Clementine is the next best thing. Red and Green Mandarin Oils are an expensive treat for most users, so our volume product is Mandarin ex-Clementine Oil. Clementine is a cross between Orange and Mandarin, but enough of the Mandarin properties prevail to make this quite distinct from our Italian Blood Orange.

Image: Oranges grown by our Italian supplier partners

Bergamot, Lemon, Mandarin and Orange are all EU REACH registered with Khush Ingredients, with DUIN (Downstream User Import Notification) submitted for UK REACH. With that, we are here to offer you a kg or a tonnage. 

All our Citrus Oils are available as samples from Khush Ingredients. If you are interested in sampling our products please get in touch at: samplerequest@khushing.com.

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