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In Greek mythology, Cyparissus was a tamed stag, which Apollo accidentally killed with his hunting javelin as it lay sleeping in the woods (in the Island of Cyprus) Apollo revived the stag as the cypress tree, with sempervirens meaning immortality so it would live eternally.

Increasingly used to provide fresh notes in perfumes and fragrances, Cypress Oil is also finding increased use in aromatherapy and in small amounts in cosmetic applications.

There are several types of Cypress oil, but Cupressus sempervirens is the main type cultivated, harvested and distilled to produce the essential oil. This is because of the believed therapeutic properties of this species.

Cupressus sempervirens is normally a tall evergeen tree from the genus of conifers, with branches covered with small green foliage. Cypress in plantations is kept to around 2 metres in height, although naturally can grow to 15 metres tall.

We source our cypress oil from Spain, an oil whose demand is growing rapidly. Our producer is growing capability rapidly including planting 10,000 more trees in their organic plantation to enable to meet demand of the organic cypress oil.

The harvesting of cypress is still done the traditional way of hand cutting the trees, so as not to damage them for the following year harvest. The oil is produced by steam distillation of the fresh growth (leaves, fruits and twigs).

The essential oil of cypress is colourless or yellowish, with intense and pleasant aroma, sweet, balsamic, woody, and with certain touches of spices. Main components are alpha-pinene, delta camphene.

The oil is transported as dangerous goods (flammable liquid with a flashpoint of 42úC). It is covered by a REACH registration so is available in quantities exceeding 1 tonne.

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Technical Information


 8013 – 86 – 3 / 84696 – 07 – 1


 283 – 626 – 9


 Cupressus sempervirens leaf / Nut / Stem oil



 Liquid transparent


 Colourless to pale yellow.


 Wild, fresh.

Physical – Chemical Information

Relative Density

 0.865 – 0.895

Refractive index

 1.465 – 1.480

Optical Rotation

 (+12º / +25º)



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