Product of the Month: Floral Waters

Beautiful, low cost, but not easy to handle.

Seasonal Update 2021

Those expecting the new season of Organic Rose Water to be reaching them in a week or so will be disappointed this year as persistent rain in Bulgaria during the harvest season has delayed the picking and processing of the 2021 Rose crop.

Tropical climates are fantastic for growing this beautiful flower, but when it comes to harvest, the drier the better. As such, 2021 Organic Rose Water is likely to reach us at the end of July or the start of August.

Image: Rose fields from our Bulgarian supplier partner

Filtration Research & Development

As this is a water without natural preservative properties, this product will contain tiny residual amounts of bacteria which will grow throughout its shelf life. Khush Ingredients has a small quantity of Organic Rose Water remaining from 2020 harvest which we decant through our filtration system, including a UV filter, which kills bacteria, before microbial checking in our integrated laboratory facility and dispatching to customers.

If you require product in July from the new season, get in touch as soon as possible about booking the last of the 2020 material in anticipation of a delayed arrival of the new seasons product.

Image: Rose fields from our Bulgarian supplier partner

Delays on 2021 Stock

The delays will continue all summer with the Bulgarian Rose knock on effect. Organic Roman Chamomile Water, Organic Sage Water and Organic Lavender Water are all likely to be available in the UK from September this year, rather than the normal availability of June.

As we have small residual stocks of floral waters left from the current season, now is a good time to approve type samples in advance of the new season.

Image: Our Bulgarian supplier partner facility


As ever, samples are available from or speak with your sales contact.

If you missed our post last year on our range of rose oils, waters and absolutes, click here to view.

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