Wait a minuta, not all tagetes are the same!

Our Partnership

Khush Ingredients, through its Himalayan partnership with Natural Biotech Products, are supporting a new co-operative in the Kamand Valley, located in the Western Himalayas of India, to produce a special high altitude (above 1500m) Tagetes Oil. The purpose of this co-operative is to enable local women to own and run small scale industries to better utilise their skills for economic gains and, in general, improve their quality of life.

Image: Kamand Valley 

We have committed to provide friendship, support and an export market for all the essential oils that they produce, starting with Tagetes Oil. We now have our first quantities of this years Tagetes in stock.

It is clear to us that the ocimenone levels of high altitude Tagetes give a more intense oil, with significant differences from Egyptian oils produced at lower elevations.

Image: Loading Tagetes stills

Sample Request

Best way to find out is to request a sample of our standard Himalayan Tagetes and high-altitude material and then you sense the aroma yourself.

Get in touch at samplerequest@khushing.com or give us a call on 01993 882883 if you are interested in sampling this new product.

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