What went up, must come down…

What is Indian Basil Oil?

Indian Basil Essential Oil, known also as Sweet Basil Oil, is the same botanical (Ocimum basilicum), as the varieties grown in Northern Africa, although odour is sweeter (as the name suggests) and less pesto-like than Egyptian type. Due to Basil Oil being quoted in ancient Ayurvedic texts as having anti-viral properties, the price of this oil more than doubled since the COVID-19 outbreak, largely being used in the domestic market as the population tries any means available to protect themselves.

Image: Sweet Basil Leaves

Dealing with demand

The general response to a steep rise in demand and price is that farmers produce more material, and with the new harvest just concluding in India, we have seen a much larger volume of crop available for steam distillation to produce the essential oil.

Khush Ingredients have approved both conventional and organic material from the new harvest and are pleased to advise that prices from January 2022, when the conventional oils shipment reaches us, will show an estimated 50% reduction from 2021 prices.

The exception is organic material, as once again securing organic oil has been harder due to the increased use of pesticides in Indian agriculture during the pandemic, so prices for organic remain similar.

Image: Sweet Basil in flower

Sample Request & Future Orders

Samples are available from Khush Ingredients and we are now accepting orders at the new rates for delivery from January 2022 onwards.

For cosmetic users, Khush Ingredients also offers from Oxfordshire stock, Basil Oil Linalool type, both organic and conventional from Egypt.

Please get in touch at samplerequest@khushing.com if you are interested in sampling our range of Basil Oils.

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