CAS No. 90063-59-5

EC No. 943-438-6

REACH No. 01-2120118332-70-XXXX


Khush Ingredients are very pleased to introduce Litsea Cubeba oil into our range of stock products in the UK. Our oil is received from our Chinese partner from the province of Yunnan, who has REACH registration enabling us to import and supply in quantities up to 10 tonnes.

Litsea Cubeba is a perennial, dioecious tree or shrub, widespread in areas of southern China. The oil is known in Chinese as May Chang translated as Oil of Tranquility, made from the plant fruit, leaves and flowers. We think that it smells very citrussy and pleasant with a bit of spice.  

Chemically the essential oil is the main source for extracting natural citral, so we can also offer natural citral (>96% citral) ex-litsea cubeba. Khush Ingredients is REACH registered for this in the UK and Netherlands. 

Litsea is similar to Melissa oil. Other citral sources we offer are the amazingly high level of citral (and its many isomers) naturally occurring in our lemon myrtle oil, the unusual and exotic lemon scented tea tree (which is nothing like tea tree) and one of our largest sellers, lemongrass oil. Melissa and Lemongrass are also available as organic oils.


Specification and Typical Components:

Appearance – Clear mobile liquid

Colour – Pale to yellow

Odour – Characteristic, with citral odour 

Specific Gravity at 20ºC – 0.880 to 0.905

Refractive Index at 20ºC – 1.480 to 1.490


Citral (Neral + Geranial) – 70 to 80%

Limonene – 5 to 14%

Geraniol – 0.4 to 2.5%



This ingredient is produced exclusively for Khush Ingredients in India. Main harvest periods are highlighted in bold.

Sample Request:

All our oils are available as samples, enabling you to see for yourself how they vary and what suits your use best. For sample requests, please email us at:

We regret that we can only sample bona-fide companies. If you are a smaller entity, then you are welcome to visit our Oxfordshire laboratory to see the oils first hand.

For any further questions please do call us on: (+44) 1993 882883

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