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Most essential oil users shudder when they hear the word blend associated with an essential oil. It has a reputation for being a murky art of passing off cheap material from a different botanical source as a more expensive one. But we don’t think like that about coffee, tea or even Whiskey, where blending achieves a balance of components produced to enhance sensory perception, not to trick them.

Organic Artisan Blends

Khush Ingredients has now created some artisan organic oil blends, with provenance, to provide our customers with improved value, but not cheap. These organic blends are approved by the Soil Association and can be offered to our customers in UK and across the EU. Here are some of our offerings:

Organic Mint Blend

Made from a combination of organic mentha arvensis (cornmint) oil and organic dementholised mentha arvensis oil. Both from the same oil producer and the same farms. So why blend? Well, dementholised oil has 40% menthol content typically whereas cornmint oil has typically 72%. Menthol is so concentrated in cornmint oil that in cold weather the menthol actually crystallises out. Our technical team have evaluated various blends and concluded that the ideal blend of organic mentha arvensis oil would be giving 60% menthol, so maximum menthol cooling punch, and no crystalising out. See if you agree by trying a sample.

Image: Organic Cornmint 

Organic Geranium Blend

So how do you get the value of high-volume geranium production and the quality of geranium bourbon type? We take premium organic geranium oils from Egypt and Madagascar to produce this organic pelargonium graveolens blend which has a rosy aroma of bourbon, but a price that makes it affordable. Agree with us? Try it out by ordering a sample.

Image: Organic Geranium 

Ask us about our organic cinnamon, organic clove, organic ylang and organic lavender blends.

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