Image: Supplier mint fields in India

Whilst sharing its name with the mint family, mentha spicata (spearmint) oil has very few common components with mentha piperita (peppermint) and mentha arvensis (cornmint). The signature component found in mentha spicata being L-carvone, with only traces of menthol menthones, which are abundant within Peppermint oils. The name Spearmint comes from the shape of its leaves; narrow and pointed like a ‘spear’.

The main uses of Spearmint are in confectionary (chewing gum) and toothpaste, where reports of its use can be traced back to 14th Century.

Khush Ingredients sources Organic and Conventional Spearmint oil from India.  Like all mint oils, Spearmint is field distilled before being transported to essential oil facilities for filtering, analysis and packaging. Khush Ingredients secures annual quantities of Spearmint at the time of harvest under close field supervision of our trusted growers. This is because synthetic carvone is a low cost readily available chemical in India and there is significant adulteration of natural Spearmint with synthetic material. For us, the true way to trust this material is to buy at harvest, under supervised field distillation, our expected requirements for the whole year.

Organic Spearmint Oil

Due to extensive pesticide use in India, we would recommend Organic Spearmint oil for use in flavours. Khush Ingredients’ Organic Spearmint oil undergoes an annual pesticide check to ensure it meets requirements and can be supplied in food grade containers. Naturally, this oil also finds favour with our aromatherapy and cosmetic customers.

Image: Spearmint grown by our suppliers in India

Conventional Spearmint Oil

As previously mentioned, Khush Ingredients secure expected annual volumes at the time of harvest to minimise risk of adulteration. Oil is sourced from only trusted farmers and the field distilled Spearmint oil is transported to our partners essential oil plant for filtering before packing. Natural levels of L-carvone mainly lies between 56 and 65% dependant on growing conditions.

2020 Season

The final distillations this year for Spearmint oil were completed in July in India.  Yield has been lower than last year, but quality of this season oil seems marginally better than 2019 oil, with natural carvone levels meeting most customer specifications. There is a limited amount of good quality material available so prices will be firm for the next few months. Prices are likely to rise sharply at the start of 2021 as limited material would be available, with respite depending on 2021 crop which would be available from the end of July 2021.

Conventional 2020 oil is in stock with Khush Ingredients Eynsham now.  We have Organic Spearmint from 2019 still available and 2020 Organic Spearmint will be in stock in October 2020.

So, ready to try out some samples of Spearmint from our range?  Either contact to request a visit or to have some couriered to you.

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