Product of the Month: Thyme Oil

Image: Close up of thyme in flower

Like most popular fragrances used in the cosmetics and flavouring industries, Thyme Oil has a rich history which can be traced back as early as ancient Greece. It is said that Thyme was a symbol of elegance in Grecian culture, that Roman soldiers would bathe in water infused with Thyme and that early distillations of Thyme oil were used in ancient Egypt in the embalming process. This plant is mostly grown in the Mediterranean regions.

The main component of Thyme oil is thymol, which is now popular as an effective killer of coronavirus. Be careful of the hazards with Thyme oil; request our updated safety data sheet before use.

Image: Thyme fields in Spain

What Thyme is it?

Khush Ingredients can offer eight different types of Thyme Oil, these are variants of the vulgaris and zygis species. Please be aware that we only stock Conventional Thyme Thymus Vulgaris.

Conventional Thyme Thymus Vulgaris                                       Conventional Thyme Thymus Zygis

Conventional Thyme Linalool Vulgaris                                        Conventional Thyme Linalool Zygis

Organic Thyme Thymus Vulgaris                                                Organic Thyme Thymus Zygis

Organic Thyme Linalool Vulgaris                                                Organic Thyme Linalool Zygis

Thymus vulgaris is perhaps the most commonly used species of Thyme. It finds its popularity pre-dominantly as an ingredient for cooking but does also see use in essential oils. The name Thymus vulgaris comes from the Latin vulgaris meaning ‘common’ in the sense of being widespread or abundant. There are many different chemotypes of Thymus vulgaris, with the thymol type being the most popular. Khush Ingredients are also able to supply the linalool chemotype known as ‘sweet’ thyme oil.

Image: Thyme in flower

Thymus zygis is also used as a food ingredient, however this species sees more success in essential oils. This is partly due to the high yield of essential oil found in the flowers when harvested during its flowering stage. Thymus zygis also has a higher percentage of active Thymol than other species of thyme.

Is it a good Thyme to buy?

The Thyme production season is in June and July.

Organic Thyme Linalool Vulgaris and Zygis can only be booked in advance of the season as they are normally sold out as soon as they are produced. Therefore, best time to buy would be in early Spring.

What Thyme is good for you?

All of our oils are available as samples, allowing you to fully experience what we have to offer and what product(s) best suit your needs.

If you are interested in sampling our Thyme oils, please email

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